For medical application Galileo Med L Sensor is the ideal alternative to the Galileo Fit. The included Wobble function allows even more effective training of balance and coordination. Its stand-alone control panel, generous training platform and amplitude make it the ideal model for all therapeutic applications. The system includes a remote control for easy adjustment of the training frequency and to start and stop the device.

Technical data

Medical device Yes
Certificate CE0123
Hand rail Yes
External control Mounted on separate pole
Internal control Yes
Remote control Yes
Frequency range (from/to) 5..30 Hz
Amplitude (from/to) 0..-/+5,2 mm
Stroke 10,4 mm
Dimensions base unit (l/w/h) 875 x 640 x 138 mm (without hand rail)
Dimensions footplate (l/w) 580 x 370 mm
Overall dimensions (l/w/h) 875 x 710 x 1200 mm (with hand rail)
Weight base unit 47 kg
Total weight 56 kg
Max. load (body weight) 160 kg
Power consumption 800 VA
Categorization professional
Wobbel function Yes
Hand rail Attached to base unit, height: 1200 mm
Stand-alone control panel with key switch Dimensions: Diameter 250 x 1060 mm, Weight: 9 kg
Further information (PDF)