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In response to the need of an aging population driven to lead a more active and independent life, Motion Health has help to developed technologies, procedures and devices to help increase musculoskeletal mobility, as well as non-invasive technologies to treat the pain associated with Osteoarthristis, Plantar Fasciitis and other musculoskeletal conditions which reduce mobility.

Motion Health to vibrate Canadian Health Market

Revolutionary vibration platform can help bring back vitality to life”

Whole body vibration has been around since the late 1800’s when in 1898 an article by the French neurologist, Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot, was published where he deduced that the improvement in his Parkinson’s patient symptoms was the result of the vibration from their horse and buggy ride to his office.  Since then, Europe has seen the value of whole body vibration in treating cosmonauts, training of Olympic athletes and maintenance of good bone health in its geriatric population.  “In Canada, we will continue to advance the use of whole body vibration by offering individuals, businesses and medical professionals safe, reliable, science based technologies and services to enhance quality of life goals.  Whole body vibration is a revolutionary way to augment and enhance current training and rehabilitation efforts.

(October 29, 2007, Calgary, AB)  Motion Health announced its operations launch that day as the Canadian distributor for the VibraFlex® series of whole body vibration technologies and devices.  The VibraFlex®, line of vibration machines was developed using the internationally patented Galileo® vibration technology from Germany, with the hopes of rapidly gaining immense interest in the Canadian health industry and medical community.

North America received its first exposure to whole body vibration in the past decade when Orthometrix Inc., the American distribution arm of Novoctec Medical Germany introducing the Galileo® 2000.  Galileo® is a recognized pioneer in whole body vibration the world over, offering the most complete line of whole vibration technologies and accessories to meet both personal and business needs.  Versions include home, professional, upper body, and medical models.

Today, with the thousands of variations of vibration machines throughout the globe, the Galileo® line has positioned itself as the premier vibration platform that works.  This innovative technology is protected by a worldwide patent and has been the focal point of whole body vibration therapy literature and research.  Having both critical elements for effectiveness, a functional teeter-totter pattern of vibration and the appropriate frequency range, this innovative and ground breaking technology can benefit all, including improved strength & power, flexibility & range of motion, circulation, and hormone profiles without the constraints of conventional exercise.  Whether one’s goal is to improve health or overall wellness, enhance fitness level or the human function of individuals in medical care, the Galileo® vibration machines can help individuals meet their quality of life goals without the excessive time commitments of traditional exercise regimes.

It is our mission to counteract and eliminate the de-conditioning downward spiral of many Canadians and bring back Vitality to Life regardless of the age, location or physical condition of individuals who use our products.  This is true for many of our youngest Canadians who may be afflicted with metabolic and genetic disorders and lack the ability to exercise using conventional methods. The successes of the Cologne Concept based at the University Hospital of Cologne, Germany. Treatments with pediatric patients, using the Galileo® Tilt Table with a Galileo® unit at its base and the Leonardo Ground Reaction Plate to measure strength, power, and balance improvements.  This method of using whole body vibration has helped many people with various conditions including spina bifida and brittle bone disease.

In total, 14 professional sports teams in North America are benefiting from the Galileo® as part of their rehabilitation, conditioning and warm-up/cool-down routine helping them to get back to the game quicker, and do their jobs faster and better.  In addition to professional athletes, numerous fitness experts and celebrities are realizing the benefits of Galileo® such as Kathy Smith who released a video using the Galileo® Home Edition.  Kathy Smith Total Body Vibration was shot on location at Kathy Smith’s home and includes unique exercise moves.

At 25 Hz speed of the Galileo® produces 2,500 involuntary muscle contractions per minute providing a very strong training effect.  The Galileo® achieves this very high repetition rate with little physical effort by the user.  The body as a whole is not moving horizontally, as is required in walking and running; nor is it moving vertically, as is required in stair climbing or sit-ups.  The body-as-a-whole movement taxes the cardiopulmonary system and usually limits exercise sessions.  Since the Galileo® does not require whole body movement it is not so limiting, and can therefore deliver many more repetitions per unit time and per exercise session. There is no stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons and it does not tax the cardiovascular system.  Training sessions of only 3-5 minutes, twice to three times a week, produce measurable results.

Today Motion Health has grown to represent a wider variety of wellness products and services.

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